Red SCARLET MX 5K Camera (Starter Package)


Red Scarlet MX Camera Package is available for rent in downtown Vancouver.  Depending on the lense you want to use, you can take this camera out with either PL or EF Mount option. The camera package comes with everything you need to fully operate this camera. From lens suport to SSD hard drive recorder.


Don’t have all the camera accessories? Rent our Red Scarlet MX Package and save money. You’ll get all the goodies to make camera operations smoother. The Red Camera body and its accessories are built with the best technology so it’s extremely reliable in extreme situations.


  • RED Scarlet – X 5K digital film camera brain
  • EF or PL Lens mount 
  • Side SSD 1.8 REDMAG module
  • Top Handle with SWAT rail lock
  • Safety Cage
  • LW 15 mm Rail Support plate
  • Four 256GB Redmag SSD with USB3 Reader
  • 5″ Touchscreen control display
  • RED Side Handle with Redvolt battery support
  • V-Mount Battery plate
  • 15 mm Studio support with arri dovetail
  • Cartoni Focus HD tripod/ARRI Dovetail bridge
  • 4 V-mount Redbrick batteries & charger
  • 4 Redvolt batteries & charger


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