Kino Flo 4×4 Kit (2 lights)


4×4 Kino Flo Soft light Kit (2 lights in a box) and includes Tungsten and Daylight bulbs.


KINOFLO  is the most popular soft light in the industry because of it’s ability to switch from daylight to tungsten color temperature. With Kino, you are getting two lights for the price of one.

The fixture can plugin to any household outlets. The light is also used heavily as set design light because of it’s slick look.

KinoFlo’s key features include:

  • Accurate skin tones/color temperature.
  • Low power drain.
  • Nice soft shadows.

What It Comes With:

  • TWO 4 feet Light fixtures
  • Ballasts and cables
  • Spare bulbs
  • Transportation Case


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